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Lacewing Wellbeing
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Delighted to update you after these tough times we are going through. We have now released our updated services & price lists which you can download or simply view on our website.

Relax with a choice of Holistic Therapies to improve your wellbeing

Refresh your body and untangle your brain with our organic and natural remedies, from Indian Head Massages, Seated Massages, Restorative massages, Swedish Massages & Facials.

You can pre-book an array of massages by getting in touch with Liz on 01733 561717

This is carried out in a seated position and includes upper back, neck, head and face. This massage is incredibly relaxing and benefits include relief of tension, headaches and back pain. Indian head is brilliant for people suffering with stress. Prefect for that festival chill

Therapeutic and relaxing massage which eases away knots, tight and painful muscles. This relieves pain and provides a feeling of general wellbeing. A Swedish massage improves flexibility and circulation and leaves you feeling really relaxed. The perfect treatment after a night in a camp bed!

Carried out in a specifically designed chair which is really comfortable and offers support to your head and neck. Using a combination of traditional massage techniques pressure points, this is the perfect massage for those who would prefer to have a massage without oils and be fully clothed

One of the most deeply relaxing of all massages, relieves tension in the face and head and has the added benefit of reducing puffiness, lines and wrinkles. A facial can also help with sinus drainage helping you to breathe more deeply and aids circulation and the elimination of toxins.

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