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Corporate Events


Corporate & Event Massage

I can visit small companies or bring a team of brilliant therapists to bigger companies. We can offer a range of therapies to suit each company or event.

Based in Peterborough I can provide office based massage to employees as part of an ongoing programme of employee care or on one off employee wellness events. Massage stimulates the left side of the brain, which helps to encourage wellbeing and happiness. When feeling happy and motivated staff can achieve their best and most creative work. Massage relaxes people and improves the work environment whilst giving a boost to brain power! Staff report feeling more energised and focussed. Massage increases staff loyalty as it feels like the company really cares for them. It decreases staff sickness as it helps to ease headaches and backaches. Massage reduces stress and improves the immune system making staff less susceptible to illness.

Massages are can be carried out over clothing and undertaken at desks or I can provide a specialist massage chair or couch.


Corporate Treatments

Choose one or many of our Lacewing corporate treatments
  • Pricing
  • £ 50
    • Per therapist offering up to 4 x 10 minute massages per hour, please contact me for quotes for bespoke packages for your company.

Carried out on a massage chair or seat using a combination of massage and accupressure points on upper back neck and shoulders over clothing. This eases aches and pains, de-stresses and invigorates.

Concentrating on head neck and shoulders, this is a deeply relaxing treatment which helps to clear the mind, easing headaches and tension held in the neck and shoulders.

Reflexology is an ancient treatment carried out upon the face or feet where zones on the feet or face correspond with different parts of the body offering a feeling of well being.

Carried out on a couch, this again is a deeply relaxing treatment which relieves tension held in the jaw and head, clearing the mind and invigorating the imagination.